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Advancements in medicine are no longer limited to the lab.  From AR training for medical personnel to real life procedures, DAS is helping innovators in the medical industry provide improved care in more efficient timeframes!

In Good Hands

Patients rely on you to provide the best care.  Mixed Reality provides you the 21st century tools that will define acceptable patient care.  Dynamic Augmented Solutions has the experience and the expertise to provide AR solutions for the medical industry.

Take a look below at some of the projects we've worked on in this space.


Expanded Existence (eXeX) retained DAS to complete their innovative Mixed Reality headset based spinal decompression surgery and surgical assistant product.  This was a natural fit for DAS as we've worked on surgical products in the past.

Expanded's vision sets itself apart from previous projects in that their focus starts with assisting operating room teams during pre-op with their proprietary and easy to deploy inventory management system, that translates into seamless consumable tracking during costly surgical procedures.

eXeX's practical approach to enhancing surgery with Mixed Reality, coupled with their amazing UX/UI designs sets this MR product apart from the competition!

Click Here to learn more about eXeX's amazing product!

Zumax Microscope.jpg

Click Here to learn more about Zumax's amazing AR-enabled OMS 3200 Surgical Microscope!

AR Dental Microscope

Dynamic Augmented Solutions is working with a premier endodontal microscope manufacturer, Zumax, to create sub millimeter, custom Head Mounted Display for use in oral surgery.

Do you have a project you'd like to discuss? Let's talk about how DAS can help.

Endo AR

Medical Training

Imagine being able to train staff in real-world situations without real-world risks. Simulated training and education via AR is a powerful tool to prepare your team for life or death situations. 

DAS is experienced in creating solutions to assist in medical training. Let's talk about how we can help you!

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